Announcing: Blazor Snippets for VS Code

I wrote some Blazor Snippets for VS Code. Download it here!


Now that VS Code has Razor support built-in to the C# extension, I wanted to write some Blazor in VS Code.  I was surprised to not see any Blazor-specific snippets created so I created my first VS Code extension for the Blazor Snippets.



  • Using bc to create a blank Blazor Component, bpara to create a parameter, boi to create OnInitAsync, and binjhttpto inject an HttpClient.

Snippets used together

  • Using bchttp to scaffold out a Blazor Component with an HttpClient call.

Snippets used together


There are over 20 snippets total right now and the full list of snippets is documented out on the GitHub readme.



Log an issue on the GitHub repo if you want to see new snippets or if you see any issues.


Hope this helps!

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