2 thoughts on “NDC Minnesota talk – Blazor: C# running in the browser via WebAssembly

  1. Good day Scott. I’ve watched your NDC talk on Blazor. I have an interest in it for our enterprise apps, and part of due-diligence is checking how it would work with IE11. You mention asm.js as a polyfill, but from what I’ve found so far, it does not support IE11: https://www.caniuse.com/#feat=asmjs Can you please share an example of using it with Blazor?

    • Hey Ivan – thanks for your comment. I’m not in a position right now to post an example, but to answer your question quickly – you’ll need to bring in a little more than asm.js since Blazor under the hood uses the fetch API (when using HttpClient for AJAX calls) which in turn the fetch API needs the Promise API. You can find a polyfill for all of these here – https://github.com/Daddoon/Blazor.Polyfill

      Thanks again for your comment and thanks for watching!

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