Glyphfriend lost font intellisense fix

I use the Glyphfriend extension which gives you intellisense for a bunch of font based libraries (such as Font Awesome, Glyphicons and others) and it gives you preview of the icon as you type.  I highly recommend it.  It looks like this:


This is extremely helpful, and allows me to avoid going to FontAwesome’s site to search for an icon I need, but for some reason it went away in one of my projects, and all I got was the font awesome icons I’ve used throughout the project, which looked like this:


The Solution

Turns out someone deleted the non-minified file from the project in an effort to clean up the project.  Adding the full non-minified file back to the project brought my Glyphfriend intellisense preview back and all was right with the world.  Hope this helps someone else.


UPDATE: 1/18/2017 – It looks like with Glyphfriend 2.0 this no longer happens.  They acknowledged this limitation  (#1 under “limitations” in this post) and “fixed” this where the icons are compiled at build time and not evaluated at runtime.  Looks awesome.

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